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Ethiopia Tilahun Natural


We’re rounding out our 2019 harvest Ethiopia naturals with something unique: a single farm microlot from coffee farmer Tilahun Gedo. Tilahun’s coffee is the jam for the fruit-forward coffee lover: we taste raspberry candy, hibiscus florality, and sweet honey. 

Most of our Ethiopian coffees come from cooperatives or privately-owned washing stations that collect coffee from many smallholder farmers. Until recently, the only other option were large estates, primarily in Western Ethiopia. Thanks to some changes in Ethiopian coffee laws, medium-size farmers are now able to export their own coffee, and we’re starting to see more of these farmers singled out.

In this case, Tilahun Gedo and his family own a farm in the kebele of Jemijemo, a small village in the Yirgacheffe area. They focus on natural-processed coffees, producing around 90x60 kilogram bags of their best quality, and Huckleberry is lucky enough to roast 20 of those.

For those unfamiliar with coffee processing, naturals are coffee seeds (beans) that are dried inside the cherry. Most of the coffees we drink have that fruit removed before drying. In the case of the best naturals, like this one, that in-fruit drying gives the coffee a particularly fruity character.

Tilahun’s our final Ethiopian natural until the 2020 harvest arrives in the late spring or early summer, and we saved one of the best for last. Clean, bright, floral, delicious, and of course, berry-forward.

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