Ethiopia Raro Nansebo Natural


Raro Nansebo is our final natural Ethiopia of the the 2020 harvest, and we're closing the season with a bang! This coffee is juicy, fruity, and just hella delicious, with big flavors of mixed berry jam, chocolate, tropical fruit, and florality that only peaks through the fruit in the best of naturals.

Ture Waji has become a pretty big name in the world of Ethiopian coffee, gaining well-earned notoriety for producing some of the country's best naturals for the last several harvests. Ture and his family - primarily cousins Eegata and Fedhesa - own and operate Sookoo Coffee. Sookoo means gold in the Guji region's Afaan Oromo language, and Sookoo Coffee focuses exclusively on naturals - no washed coffees, just coffee dried in its fruit. And that focus pays off.

Raro Nansebo is Sookoo's second station, and brand new for the 2019-2020 harvest. After making a name for themselves with the Odo Shakisso station a bit further west in Guji, Sookoo expanded into the Guji Uraga area, building the Raro Nensebo station and working with smallholder farmers in the surrounding area. No learning curve here, the first harvest is phenomenal.

Big fruit is the big draw in most naturals, and the florality we love in washed Ethiopias often gets masked by the berries. In the best cases though - like this gem from Raro Nansebo - floral aromatics get to join the fruit punch. We're stoked on this first lot from Raro Nansebo, and are already looking forward to more great coffee from Ture and fam's 2020-2021 harvest.


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