Ethiopia Mustefa Natural


We're closing out 2020 and kicking off 2021 with our first two single origins from Western Ethiopia. While we've traditionally found most of our Ethiopian coffees from Guji and Yirgacheffe, the coffees we've tasted from the west have been increasingly hard to ignore, and Mustefa Natural joins Nano Challa as the fruitier of our first two single origins from Jimma!

Mustefa Abalulessa might have one of the most unique coffee origin stories in Ethiopia, with farm roots in revolution. Abalulessa, Mustefa's father, spent the 1970s as a guerilla leader, fighting against the Derg, Ethiopia's brutal dictatorship at the time, and hid out in the mountains and forests around Jimma. When the Derg finally fell, the family was granted some of the forest Abalulessa called home, as a form of reparations and reconciliation.

Mustefa first made a name for himself as a seed producer, selecting and preparing new seed stock for farmers in the area. He only recently began processing his own coffee for sale, but the meticulous detail required for seed preparation has clearly paid off in the coffee we get to roast.

Mustefa Natural is big-bodied, fruit-forward, and subtly boozy, with notes of blackberry, raspberry, orange liqueur, and brown sugar.

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