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Ethiopia Musa Abalulesa


Floral, bright, and refreshing, we love washed Ethiopian coffee, and while we had a bit of an atypically-processed outlier with Danche Marcelo, we’re stoked to get into more typical, but no less awesome washed Ethiopian flavors with Musa Abalulesa.

While most of our Ethiopian coffee comes from the South (Yirgacheffe, greater Gedeo, and Guji), Western Ethiopia also produces some amazing coffee, and we’re excited to bring some Western Ethiopian coffee back into the Huc fold. Musa and his brothers, Mustefa and Gugu, farm coffee together near the town of Agaro, and while this is the first time we’ve roasted coffee from Musa, a few years ago we served up a delicious natural from Mustefa, and the family consistently produces great coffee.

The Abalulesa family might have one of the most unique coffee origin stories in Ethiopia, with farm roots in revolution. Abalulesa, Musa's father, spent the 1970s as a guerilla leader, fighting against the Derg, Ethiopia's brutal dictatorship at the time, and hid out in the mountains and forests around Agaro. When the Derg finally fell, the family was granted some of the forest Abalulesa called home, as a form of reparations and reconciliation.

The Abalulesas first made a name for themselves as seed producers, selecting and preparing new seed stock for farmers in the area and government seed banks. But, after preparing their father’s former forest hideout for coffee production, the family has shifted some of its focus to coffee farming over the past decade or so, and clearly, the attention to detail required for seed production has also paid dividends in the coffee.

Musa’s coffee was one of our favorite washed coffees among everything we tasted out of Ethiopia this past harvest, and now that we’re roasting it in Denver, we’re tasting lemondrop candy, refined sugar, florals, and white grape. Bright, crisp, and delicious!

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