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Ethiopia Debo


It's pronounced like the band, but with a b instead of a v, and we have a gut feeling you'll like it.

Debo is the first in our line of 2018 Ethiopian coffees, and we're gonna be slamming it all summer. It's bright, floral, complex, and refreshing, perfect for the hot weather over the next few months.

Many of us coffee nerds gush about Ethiopia - it's the birthplace of arabica coffee, and has more genetic diversity in its coffee than any other country on earth. There's something undeniably romantic about that. But it's also undeniable that the genetic diversity contributes to flavors that are unique and only found in Ethiopia, and wildly different from one part of the country to the next.

This particular coffee comes from the Kochere woreda (roughly, village) in Yirgacheffe, arguably one of the most famous and prized regions of the country. We at Huck tend to fall in love with at least two Yirgs each year - the clean floral and citric flavors predominant tend to put these coffees at the top of our cuppings each year. Smallholder farmers in Kochere deliver their coffee cherry to the Debo washing station, where it is depulped and dried on raised beds.

Among the first wave of Ethiopia arrivals this year, Debo stood out. The florals are undeniable, and it tastes like juicy stonefruit, watermelon, and sweet limeade. Is it the best coffee paired with milk? Maybe not. But it is delicious on its own, and we'll be brewing it both hot and iced throughout the sunny days of summer. 

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