Ethiopia Chelbesa Kubi


Chelbesa is back, this time in evolved form! This year the Worka Chelbesa Washing Station started to separate community-specific coffees, and the coffee from the Kubi community is exactly what we love in Ethiopian coffee. Floral goodness, zippy brightness, crisp and delicate sweetness to keep us reaching for our pourover cones.

We've been roasting coffees from the Worka Chelbesa Washing Station for 4 years now, and it's a coffee we look forward to every season. Over the past few years the washing station owners, Snap Specialty Coffee, have continued to push quality in the area, opening a new station called Danche before the 2021 harvest, and this year, separating out coffees from individual communities around the two stations. Kubi is one of those tiny communities, and one of the highest near the original washing station.

 Snap Specialty Coffees has been the force behind quite a few of our favorite coffees over the last few years, exporting and dry milling some of our amazing coffees from the Guji Zone, and taking ownership of the full process with several washing stations throughout Ethiopia, including Worka Chelbesa and Danche. One of the things we love about the entire SNAP network is that they specialize in traceable, smaller lots - breaking the harvest into shorter periods and keeping each period separate. This helps ensure that what we taste when we first approve the coffees truly represents what we’ll roast for you, and that each bag will be consistent with the last. These community separations from their washing stations are a further step in this focus on quality, and the results are great.

 Floral first and foremost, with bright-but-balanced citrus, and delicate notes of white peach and honeydew melon. This is exactly what we look forward to in Ethiopian coffees, and we're excited for this evolution of Chelbesa, Chelbesa Kubi.

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*washing station photos courtesy Abenezer Asfaw of SNAP.

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