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Ethiopia Adado

Huckleberry Roasters

Bright, juicy, and refreshing, washed Ethiopian coffees might be the perfect coffees for summer.

Ask a coffee roaster what their favorite coffee growing region is, and quite a few of us will mention Yirgacheffe. Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee - this is where the arabica species originally evolved, and where it still grows wild - and the combination of heirloom varieties, high altitudes, and meticulous washing create coffees that are uniquely light and vibrant, particularly in comparison to the Central American coffees more common here in the USA. And within Ethiopia, Yirgacheffe has a well-earned reputation for producing some of the country's best, brightest, and most floral coffees.

Adado is the name of a washing station in the Yirgacheffe town of Shara, and our first washed coffee from Ethiopia's 2017 harvest.  Hundreds of smallholder farmers from Shara sell their coffee cherry to Adado washing station, where it is washed and dried on raised beds to exacting precision. It's super clean and sweet, with flavors of cane sugar and watermelon, and packs the fruity, mouthwatering brightness we've come to love from our favorite Yirgacheffes. On top of the cane sugar and watermelon, we taste key lime and peach, with a delicate, rose-like florality.

We gush over washed Ethiopian coffees, but to be fair, they're not the first beans we reach for if we're looking to pair with milk. But, if you like your coffee black, if you like your coffee refreshing, and you like your coffee complex and dynamic to the last drop, Adado is the ticket. 

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