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Coffee of the Month: Ethiopia Abdi Jebril


Ethiopia Abdi Jebril is our Coffee of the Month for June, popping with summery flavors!

Florals, citrus candy, and tropical fruit - it's fresh crop Ethiopia season! We’re stoked to kick off our 2019 Ethiopias with this stellar coffee from Abdi Jebril, and excited to keep it in the family.

Huckleberry has roasted at least one coffee from Ethiopia’s South Guji zone for the past several years, and last year’s Yabitu Koba came from the Hana Asrat Washing Station, owned and operated by Feku Jebril.

This year we’re starting our Ethiopian offerings from one village over, and from Feku’s brother, Abdi. Independent farmers from the village of Larcho Torka deliver their coffee to Abdi Jebril’s washing station, where the coffee is washed, dried, and sorted with the attention detail that must just run in the family. The combination of great growing conditions, high altitude, Ethiopian varieties, and meticulous processing yields another gem from South Guji.

Larcho Torka is fairly remote, so we didn't have time to visit Abdi's washing station during our trip to Ethiopia this winter, but we were lucky enough to meet Abdi in Addis Adaba. His coffee is sparkling, clean, and sweet - the perfect start to Ethiopia season. This coffee has enticing floral aromatics,and we’re tasting a bright fruit cocktail of kiwi, melon, and citrus candy.

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Photos of Abdi's washing station are from Abenezer Asfaw of SNAP Coffee Exporters.


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