Ecuador Bosque de Marfil


Bosque de Marfil is back for its fourth year in the Huck lineup, and we’re excited to brew this one up over the next few months. Black cherry, nougat, macadamia nut and fudge flavors dominate a complex, but sweet and comforting cup.

Bosque de Marfil is the name of a forest in the center of Ecuador’s southernmost Loja province, and the 44 farmers who produce this coffee call this forest home. Sitting high in the Limo mountain range, the bosque provides great shade for coffee production, and abundant natural resources that help these farmers earn secondary income in the months between one coffee harvest and the next.

As is the case with many of our Latin American coffees, we’re excited to source Bosque de Marfil through Caravela Coffee. Caravela helps ensure us dependably great coffees, and provides farmers with access to on-farm assistance plus fair, transparent pricing structures. It’s a win-win, and it makes them one of our favorite partners in Latin America.

As far as the cup goes, it’s a sweet, delicious ride. Cherry cola sweetness, chocolate-molasses sweet-spice, creamy nut notes, and a touch of green apple brightness, with a syrupy body. It’ll hold up to milk just great, and we’ll be brewing it plenty as a single origin espresso, but we’re also jazzed to drink this black - it’s a lively and juicy everyday drinker.


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