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Honduras Sergio Enamorado


Sergio Enamorado is our final Central American offering from the 2019 harvest, and is here to please the crowds!

Sergio Enamorado’s farm is unique in that every year, he experiences a very late flowering. While the bulk of his coffee is harvested in December through March, like most Central American producers, Sergio’s late flowering produces a smaller, particularly late harvest, akin to the fly crops common in Colombia, Ecuador, Kenya, and some other countries close to the Equator. This is an exceptional rarity in countries as far north as Honduras, and Huckleberry has all of Sergio’s mini-harvest, which he calls his second flush.

Sergio has all the potential to produce great coffee, but that’s only part of the story. Beneficio San Vicente, a wet and dry mill owned by the La Paz family, has put the Santa Barbara area on the map and made it possible for US roasters to showcase coffees like Sergio’s. While smaller farmers’ coffees have traditionally been blended together into non-traceable regional lots, San Vicente has worked hard to single out tiny farms and help the farmers connect with roasters.

Sergio’s second flush is primed to make everyone happy - the perfect example of a sweet, approachable coffee. We’re tasting brown sugar and hazelnut, with subtle red apple. But really, this tastes like coffee - unsurprising in its flavor profile, but damn tasty on its own, with milk, or however you like it.


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