Ethiopia Chelbesa Natural


Natural Ethiopia is back in the Huck lineup, and we’re kicking things off with this juicy and complex fruitbomb from Worka Chelbesa. Sweet berry and tropical fruit flavors are the main attraction here, and they’re complemented by some delicious florals and citrus. We'll be roasting washed and natural coffees from Worka Chelbesa side-by-side, and both of these are among the top-scoring coffees we'll offer all year.

 SNAP Specialty Coffees has impressed us quite a bit over the last few years. They’ve exported and dry milled some of our favorite coffees from the Guji Zone, but also own a few washing stations throughout Ethiopia. This is the second year we'll be showcasing coffees from their stations in Worka Chelbesa. Worka Chelbesa is the highest kebele (village) in the Gedeb municipality, and Gedeb is well-known for producing some of the best coffees in Ethiopia's famous Yirgacheffe region.

Several years ago, SNAP built its first washing in Worka Chelbesa, and named it after the town. Our washed Worka Chelbesa comes from this original station, but ahead of the 2019/2020 harvest, SNAP built a second station in town, called Danche. Same kebele, at a slightly higher elevation to cater to farmers a bit outside of the main village. This year's Chelbesa Natural comes from this newest washing station and the 486 farmers who deliver coffee cherry.

 Berries, tropical fruit, jammy goodness, with a touch of florality to mix things up. This one’s for all you fruity coffee lovers out there - we hope you enjoy this one as much as we do. We highly suggest brewing up Worka Chelbesa washed and Chelbesa Natural side-by-side. Maybe experiment a little and blend the two roasts before brewing. We'll give you a few more chances to taste washed and naturals from the same place, but in the roasting team's opinion, this may be the best-tasting pair of the year.


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*washing station photos courtesy Abenezer Asfaw of SNAP.

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