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Costa Rica Santa Maria

Santa Maria is back, and is one of two coffees from the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota (CoopeDota) we'll roast this year. While El Cedral Natural is stunning and fruit-forward, Santa Maria is more subtle, but equally delicious. This washed coffee exudes balance while maintaining complexity, and showcases why great washed Central American coffees are among the most versatile and easy to drink. 

Santa Maria has milk-friendly flavors of almond pastry and maple syrup, while also packing plenty of grape-like fruity complexity and balanced apple brightness. Costa Rica has been a global leader in the push for a more sustainable coffee trade, and within Costa Rica, CoopeDota has been a leader among producers. In 2011 the cooperative produced the world's first certified carbon neutral coffee, and is known for its work to reduce both its carbon and water footprints. 

To that aim, while this coffee tastes like a washed coffee, it's actually eco-pulped. Most washed coffees use fermentation and a whole lot of water to remove the coffee seed's inner fruit (mucilage) before drying. CoopeDota forgoes the fermentation breakdown of that sugary fruit, and runs its coffee through a machine called an EcoPulper, which uses dramatically less water than traditional washing. 

All in all, as our head of education David Fasman learned while visiting the cooperative in 2017, reducing water use throughout the coffee's journey is a point of pride for CoopeDota. We're super excited to showcase CoopeDota's coffees again in 2018 - not just because the cooperative is a leader in sustainable practices, but also because the coffee is damn tasty. Santa Maria has a lot going for it - fruity pop, milk-friendly nuttiness, creamy body and depth. This coffee is going to be a go to for us in the mornings while warming up the roaster, on Fetco at our cafes, and makes for a delicious single origin espresso, too.

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