Costa Rica El Cedral Natural

Mmmm...jelly donuts. That's what we think when we taste El Cedral, and we’re hyped to have it back in the lineup.

El Cedral is back for its fifth season as our top natural processed coffee from Central America, and it joins Santa Maria to make a power couple of coffees from the Cooperativa de Caficultores de Dota, or CoopeDota for short. We've had the pleasure of visiting these growers twice over the past few years, and are continually impressed by both the coffee and the cooperative's commitment to the environment. CoopeDota is a leader in Costa Rica's push for sustainable coffee, and was the first carbon-neutral coffee producer on the planet--achieving this by both sustainable practices and purchasing carbon certificates. 

Our other CoopeDota coffee, Santa Maria, is grown on multiple smallholder farms, and is a more traditional, though equally delicious cup. In contrast, El Cedral is a single plot, collectively owned by all of CoopeDota, that operates as an experimental model farm to help individual farmers learn better growing and processing practices. It's among the higher plots of land in the area, and the naturally-processed coffees have been clean, sweet, and jammy year after year.

If you've loved Huck’s naturals, we'd suggest brewing up a bit of this gem. El Cedral's got the clean berry flavors we've come to expect from the best African naturals, plus some of the richer creaminess we love in some of our more approachable coffees. We're calling that combo of flavors jelly donut, raisinette, almond butter, and generally delicious.

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