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Costa Rica El Cedral Natural


Mmmm...jelly donuts. That's what we thought when we tasted our second roast of this year's El Cedral. The first roast was pretty good, too, but there's a reason we don't sell the first roast. Now that we're in full swing, El Cedral is the coffee of the month for September.

El Cedral was Huckleberry's first non-African natural-processed single origin coffee last year, and we've been looking forward to 2018 ever since.  Before David Fasman tasted El Cedral on a visit to Costa Rica two years ago, we were waiting for a Central American natural that met the same standards we've come to expect from Ethiopia and Burundi. Luckily El Cedral was a stunner on that visit, and is a banger this year, too.

El Cedral is one of two coffees we'll roast this year from CoopeDota, a cooperative of growers based in the Dota cantón of Costa Rica's Central Valley.  This cooperative is a leader in Costa Rica's push for sustainable coffee, and was the first carbon neutral coffee producer on the planet. Our other CoopeDota coffee, Santa Maria, is grown on multiple smallholder farms, and is a more predictable, though equally delicious cup. In contrast, El Cedral is a single farm, collectively owned by all of CoopeDota, that operates as an experimental model farm to help individual farmers learn better growing and processing practices.

If you've loved our other naturals like Ardi, Beriti, and Gitwe Natural, we'd suggest brewing up a bit of this gem. El Cedral's got the clean berry flavors we've come to expect from the best African naturals, plus some of the richer pastry-like and chocolaty backbone we love in washed Central American coffees. We're calling that combo of flavors jelly donut, tangerine, berries, and generally delicious.

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