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Colombia Matambo

Huckleberry Roasters

After a short break, Colombia is back in the Huckleberry roasting lineup.  We love the balance of approachability and jaw-dropping flavors that great Colombian coffees can exhibit, and we've been excited for Matambo since we tasted our first type sample from the 2015 harvest.  This 2016 crop harvest, just landed in the US, is an awesome example of the crowd-pleasing, but complex flavors we love from Colombia.  We taste juicy pear, raw sugar sweetness, juicy and bright pomegranate, and almond pastry.

Matambo is a new coffee for us, grown by the 82 farmer Asociación de Cafeteros El Desarollo in Gigante de Huila, a town named after an enormous mountain perched just outside of the city center.  While many growers associations wash and dry their coffee at a centralized mill, each of Matambo's growers washes and dries his or her own coffee on-farm, which sets it apart from other cooperatives. Individual processing can create challenges for consistency and quality, but all of the farmers who contribute to Matambo are well-practiced in proper fermentation, washing, and drying techniques, which shows in the sweet, clean cup.

We think Matambo has something for everyone.  Plenty of traditional coffee flavors and sweetness for those who prefer a more approachable or milk-friendly mug, but also packing juicy fruit flavors and high-end brightness to please folks who typically brew East African coffees.  We have a feeling this is going to be a top take-home bag for us in the roasting room over the next few months.

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