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Colombia Las Brisas


We love the balance of approachability and jaw-dropping flavors that great Colombian coffees can exhibit, and Las Brisas has been one of our favorite Colombians for the past few years running.  A couple years ago we had the chance to visit the group, and we're looking forward to not just roasting this year's harvest, but also many harvests ahead. In this crop we taste bright pomegranate and citrus, balanced by sweet flavors of stone fruit and molasses. All of this makes this an exciting coffee for the nerds, and also a friendly coffee for less-seasoned specialty coffee drinkers, too.

Las Brisas is grown by growers in ASOQUEBRADON growers group, based around the town of Rioblanco, Tolima. This area sits near the juncture of Colombia's three mountain ranges, or cordilleras, and the name Las Brisas refers to the strong winds blowing through the region.

We roast quite a bit of coffee grown by small producers.  Las Brisas and our other Colombian coffees are unique in that smallholder farmers mill, wash, and dry their coffee individually, at their farms, rather than at a centralized wet mill.  Most of our other smallholder coffees, like Guatemala Atitlán el Grano, Ethiopia Wolichu Wachu, and our Kenyan coffees from Othaya, for example, are picked and delivered in its cherry to a centralized washing station, where it is processed collectively.  

Individual processing can create challenges for consistency and quality, but luckily our export partner Caravela's regional team of Davier and Wilfer work together with the growers to improve farming and washing practices, to help ensure that the coffee is delicious. All of the farmers who make up Las Brisas are well-practiced in proper fermentation and washing, and dry their coffees on raised beds for slow, even drying and under cover for protection from Colombia's rains.  

Las Brisas has sweetness that lovers of more basic, milk-friendly coffees will enjoy, but also packs a punch of stellar, fruity brightness and the juicy flavors that excite the roasting team here at Huckleberry!

And, if you're looking for something extra-special, peep the Gesha release from Israel Hernandez, one of the farmers behind Las Brisas.

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