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Colombia El Desarollo


Remember when Prince had a label dispute, used an unpronounceable symbol for his name and had to call himself The Artist Formerly known as Prince? This is kinda like that, minus the label dispute. Think of El Desarollo as The Coffee formerly Known as Matambo. And while not impossible, if you're having trouble with the pronunciation, this is not your favorite chocolate-covered caramel; it's Spanish, it's pronounced des-a-roy-o, and it means development.

Legend has it that long ago, a giant named Matambo lay to rest in Huila, forming a massive mountain that dominates the region's landscape. The nearby town is now known as Gigante, and while we've called this coffee Matambo in the past, it felt like time for a refresh, and a name that honors the farmers who produce this coffee.

The best Colombias - and particularly the best Huilas - pull off a balance between approachability and exciting flavors that few other origins can match. This latest crop is a perfect example of that balance, popping with red berry and plum fruitiness, but rounding out the pop with dark honey and buttery pie crust sweetness.

Huck has been purchasing and roasting coffee from the El Desarollo Coffee Growers Association for four years now, and year after year the coffee is dependably complex, sweet, and balanced. We had the pleasure of visiting these growers in August of 2017 with Caravela, one of our favorite sourcing partners who we work with throughout Latin America. Read more about that visit here to see why we're stoked for yet another great year with the El Desarollo Growers Association and the long game with these growers and Caravela in Colombia. 

We think El Desarollo has something for everyone.  Plenty of traditional coffee flavors and sweetness for those who prefer a more approachable or milk-friendly mug, but also packing juicy, fruity flavors and high-end brightness to please folks who prefer more adventurous coffees. Year 4 of this gem from Gigante, and we’re looking forward to brewing it for the next few months!


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