Colombia Colina del Viento


We hope you're excited for one of the more wild offerings we have put on our menu, sourced through our friends at La Reb (La Real Botánica Expedición, the folks behind our Skeleton Key decaf and several Colombian coffees)!

Many of the flavors in coffee come from the fermentation step in its processing, when sugars and other compounds in the cherry break down and impact the flavors in the seed we roast. Changes to the fermentation environment can create some major changes in the cup.

In this fed-batch washed process, half of the coffee is fermented in cherry then pulped and placed in the fermentation tank to begin their fermentation process. The second half of the coffee undergoes the same process and is added later for extended fuel (i.e. sugar) for the biome that has begun to grow in the already-fermenting first half of coffee’s sugars.

All this leads to a super bright and fruity cup. When done well, washed coffees with extended (and in this case, atypical) fermentation processes can be some of the most unique coffees on the market, and we think Javier and Arlisson Cortés have created quite an interesting coffee in Colina del Viento (The Windy Hill). Between the syrupy sweet grape candy notes  and the mulled wine, this coffee will expand your horizon in what you thought coffee’s supposed to taste like.

This one’s a complex ride for sure, and one of the funkier coffees we’ll carry this year. If you expect Colombia to mean straightforward and approachable (or if that’s what you’re looking for), this one will defy those expectations a bit. Expect intense fruit, a bit of booziness, and a unique experience here. It’s a small lot that we think will go pretty quickly, so hop on soon if you want to try something different!

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