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Colombia Casablanca


While Huck loves to work with the same producers year after year, it’s always fun to bring in new coffees that have found their way into our hearts. Enter Hacienda Casablanca, nestled in the Santander region of Colombia. When our head roaster, Shelby, won the 2019 US Coffee Roasters Championship, part of the prize was a trip to Colombia with Ally Coffee. Casablanca was one of the many impressive farms from that trip. 

Casablanca is aptly named for the lavish, white Spanish villa built on the farm during colonial times. Liliana Caballero grew up in the area, and always had an affinity for the old white house and the land it sat on, so when she purchased the villa and a portion of the old hacienda in the early 2000s, she kept named her land after the beautiful white house..

When Liliana first purchased the 20 hectare farm, it was mostly planted with the rust-resistant Tabi variety.  This failed to live up to Liliana’s high quality standards, and with the aim of improving the coffee’s cup quality, Liliana has consistently worked to renovate the farm, replacing Tabi with Colombia, Castillo, Bourbon and Gesha trees--not a cheap investment. 

More than 10 years have passed since Liliana purchased Hacienda Casablanca, and her efforts have not gone unnoticed. Beyond the farm’s well-known beauty, Casablanca earned some well-deserved fame by competing in the 2016 National Yara Championship (a coffee quality competition) and taking first place! 

During the Champs Trip, Shelby tasted coffees from several farms, but kept comparing the others to the sweet and fruity coffees from Casablanca. This particular coffee is a blend of Castillo and Gesha varieties, and with notes of brown sugar, raspberry, lime, and macadamia nut, it doesn’t disappoint.

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