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Burundi Ninga Natural

Grape Big League Chew. Strawberries. Honey. This is our sixth year of coffee from  Long Miles Coffee Project, and this year we're going all in with Ninga. The washed lot is amazing, and this natural lot is a fruitbomb.

We’ve been working with Long Miles since their first harvest in 2013, and this is our fifth year singling out the coffee from farmers on Ninga Hill. Long Miles works with farmers on several hills in Muramvya, paying the farmers more than government-run stations and building a team of agronomists and advisers from the nearby community. While most of each hill’s harvest is blended to create lots for each Long Miles washing station, the best days of harvest are kept separate from the main lots. Ninga’s been producing our favorite washed lots for years, and this was our first chance to taste and roast a natural. It does not disappoint.

This particular lot comes from the 91st day of the 2018 harvest, and Huckleberry gets to roast all of it. Keep an eye out for an equally special (though maybe a touch less in-your-face) washed lot from Ninga. We’re stoked on both, and looking forward to brewing em up side by side.

Ninga Natural bursts with the juicy strawberry we've come to expect from the best Ethiopian naturals, but also packs some of the hallmarks of our favorite washed Burundis. We taste a bit of sweet-savory complexity, honey, and grape bubblegum flavors to complement the fruit-forward strawberry and melon sweetness. We're excited for coffee from Burundi every year, and think these coffees from Long Miles do good for the farmers, and taste great for us here in the USA.
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