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Brazil Forno Grande



Brazil is still a relatively new feature on the Huck single origin menu, and where excited to showcase our first washed coffee from the country - Forno Grande by Jose Schiavo! 

Brazil has a reputation for massive farms, flat terrain, and boring-if-consistent quality, and while we’ve learned that’s not the case if you’re working with the right people, some things are common throughout most of the bigger coffee-growing regions, even on the smaller farms. The climate is warm and dry, farms generally focus on natural-processing (even if it doesn’t always taste super fruity), and the farms tend to be both flatter and less-shaded than we’re accustomed to in other parts of Latin America.

Espirito Santo is an outlier. This region is actually quite hilly, with a cool, humid, microclimate and plenty of water access. As a result of that water, farmers can produce washed coffee, and as a result of that humidity, they have to at least remove the cherry skin before drying, to prevent mold and other defects. That means the honey and washed processes rule the roost here. Plus, the hilly terrain we’re used to in Peru and Colombia forces farmers’ hand to handpick coffee, as opposed to the more mechanized picking in other parts of the country. 

Two years ago we visited Brazil for the first time, and in addition to spending time with longer-term partners BD Imports, Apara Cafes, and farmers in the Campo das Vertentes area of Minas Gerais, we also spent some time with Thiago Trovo at Osito Coffee’s new Brazil office. Thiago has a long history working with larger Brazilian export companies, and a specific interest in promoting and further developing coffee in Espirito Santo.

On the right farm, the result of all those factors are coffees that can taste more like a typical Central American coffee than a typical Brazil. Cleaner, brighter, and more nuanced, without some of the heavier fruit, process-influenced flavors that quality-focused farmers need to pursue in other parts of the country. We’re not knocking fruity Brazils by any means, but we like clean, too, and variety is the spice of life.

This is our second year roasting coffees from Espirito Santo, and for our first year with a fully washed Brazil, we’re highlighting Jose Schiavo and his family farm, Sitio Forno Grande. There’s a hint of complex + bright orange and apricot marmalade, but nougat and chocolate sauce are the stars of the show.

*** For roasting schedule, shipping, receiving & additional information, please visit out Frequently Asked Questions . And, for a primer on coffee processing, check out our Processing Basics Guide. *** 

📸: Jose Schiavo + Sitio Forno Grande, courtesy Osito Coffee

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