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Cascara Tea: Caranavi, Bolivia

*This is not whole bean coffee, it is a tea made from coffee cherries.*

We talk a lot about coffee being the seed of a fruit. Well, here's the fruit. 

Cascara is the skin of the coffee cherry, removed during the washing process. While the vast majority of this fruit is recycled as fertilizer on coffee farms around the world, it can also make a delicious beverage in its own right.

We brew cascara as we would an herbal tea, steeped for 6 minutes, and the result is delicious. Think of a mild mulled cider - lightly sweet, lightly caffeinated, with dried fruit and spice flavors. Tastes great on its own, and serves as the base of a mean and unique hot toddy. Delicious as an iced tea, too. If you're into experimenting, using coffee cherry as a syrup base can be an excellent addition to your cocktail quiver, too.

Anyway, while we focus on roasting and brewing up coffee beans (technically seeds) from around the world, the fruit that surrounds that coffee is amazing and versatile in its own right, too. This particular cascara comes from Caranavi, Bolivia, and is packaged in a 4 oz bag with brewing instructions.

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