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Rwanda Kirorero


Winter and spring are a time for Southern Hemisphere coffees to shine, and this season we're excited to offer two coffees from Rwanda. We've roasted the last of Ejo Heza, but are following that up with another cooperative-produced coffee: Kirorero.

It's been a few years, but Kirorero is Huck's second coffee from COOPAC cooperative. Some of y'all may remember Kigeyo from a few winters past. COOPAC was formed in 2001 with just over 110 farmers, but now boasts over 8,000 small farmers split among several washing stations - including Kirorero and Kigeyo - on the shores of Lake Kivu. COOPAC has long been a leader in promoting organic  coffee farming in Rwanda, so we're excited to have the cooperative back in our linuep.

One of the reasons we love Rwandan coffee is that the Lake Kivu area is planted almost entirely in Bourbon, a coffee variety that lends a deep, sugary, syrupy sweetness.  Beyond variety, rich red clay soil, meticulous picking and sorting, careful processing all work together to layer that sweetness with sparkling acidity and complexity. In comparison to our other Rwandan and Burundian coffees this year, Kirorero is a softer take on the fruit we tasted in Ejo Heza and Gitwe. We're picking up notes of yellow pear and dried cranberry, balanced with sweet graham cracker and baking spice.

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