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PNG Kivirinka


Kivirinka is sweet, approachable, and milk-friendly. While we love fruity and floral coffees, we also love to showcase great coffees that are simple, clean, and sweet. Kivirinka is one of those comfort food coffees that’ll please the crowd at Sunday brunch.

Coffees from the Pacific Islands have some unique qualities - rustic spice, earthy flavors, and heavy mouthfeel. But oftentimes that earthiness can be a bit overwhelming, skewing to the point of bit of funk. We don't really want our coffee to remind us of that cousin who's been following a jam band all summer and hasn't showered since mid-April, so we pride ourselves on sourcing and roasting a couple coffees from the Pacific each year that have spice and big body, but in a clean and sweet package. Less mushroom and tobacco, more baking spice and molasses. After a great run with Renumata from East Timor, Kivirinka is our second clean and sweet Pacific offering of 2019.

This coffee comes to us from Papua New Guinea's Eastern Highlands, and specifically the Kivirinka village in the Dunnatina basin. Most of the families in the area focus on sustenance farming, with coffee as one of the few sources of cash income to purchase goods that they cannot grow. While coffee farmers have traditionally sold coffee to lower-paying commodity traders, Mrs. Moanti Ise has been working in the region since 2011. Moanti has helped growers improve practices, achieve Rainforest Alliance certification, and gain access to the specialty market and its higher prices.

When we dig deep into Kivirinka, we taste toasted praline, gold raisin, and spicy molasses, in a full-bodied cup that pairs great with milk. More than anything though, this coffee is approachable, unassuming, and hella tasty.

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