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Nicaragua Entre Rios

It's been a couple years, but Alberto Ramos and his farm, Finca Entre Rios, make their return to Huck! We weren't able to buy Alberto's coffee last season, but this year our friend Alejandro - of CaféNor in El Salvador - helped us reconnect! 

Alberto named his farm Finca Entre Rios because it sits between the San Francisco, San Isidro, and Margaritozo rivers, and while he's been farming his father's finca since his teens, Alberto was finally able to purchase his own land in 2007. 

Nicaragua is kinda a weird origin, where it's common practice to wash coffee on-farm, then deliver wet coffee to a central drying facility. In most other countries, coffee is usually delivered in cherry on the day of picking, or fully washed and dried. Cherry or dried parchment tends to be a bit easier to control, and in many Nicaraguan drying facilities/purchasing stations, there's a big risk that coffee will sit wet too long before drying, developing defects. Puma Coffees, a relatively new company formed by Manuel Rosales, handles the drying and logistics, making it possible to roast Alberto's tasty goods again.

Alberto's coffee packs plenty of traditional flavors, but also pops a bit more in the cup. We're tasting milk-friendly hazelnut and pie crust, with just enough stone fruit and orange acidity to make this everyday drinker a bit more interesting. No coffee's one-size-fits-all, but Entre Rios is definitely one-size-fits-most!
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Images of Alberto Ramos and Finca Entre Rios courtesy Puma Coffee.

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