Nicaragua Entre Rios


This is year five for Huck and Alberto Ramos, but just our second year serving his coffee on its own. For several years we happily roasted Nicaragua Las Colinas, from Alberto and his neighbor Alba López, but last year we decided to ask Alberto and the team at Caravela if we could source an even-better, single farm lot. And it’s back for its second turn in our roastery. 

Alberto named his farm Finca Entre Rios, because it sits between the San Francisco, San Isidro, and Margaritozo rivers. He's been farming his father's farm since his teens, but purchased his own land in 2007. 

Nicaragua is kinda a weird origin, where it's common practice to wash coffee on-farm, then deliver wet coffee to a central drying facility. In most other countries, it's more common to deliver coffee in cherry on the day of picking, or fully washed and dried. Cherry or dried parchment tends to be a bit easier to control, and in many Nicaraguan drying facilities/purchasing stations, there's a big risk that coffee will sit wet too long before drying, developing defects. 

We rely on Caravela to connect us with many of our Latin American coffees, and we can depend on them for transparent pricing and consistent quality. In Nicaragua, Caravela has gone all-in to make the most of the country's atypical wet parchment situation, building two drying stations, including Beneficio La Estrella. While the norm in Nicaragua is to dry coffee as quickly as feasible and blend coffees from multiple farms, La Estrella has a huge system of raised, covered drying beds. This makes it easier to both keep small lots of coffee separate, and slows down the drying process, which helps the coffee keep tasting good, for longer. 

Alberto's coffee packs plenty of traditional flavors, but also pops a bit more in the cup. We're tasting milk-friendly almond and milk chocolate, with just enough black cherry and apple to make this everyday drinker a bit more interesting.

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Images of Alberto Ramos, Finca Entre Rios, and Beneficio La Estrella courtesy Caravela Coffee.

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