Kenya Njuriga

Kenyan coffees are always among our favorites - bright, complex, and uniquely dynamic - and Njuriga pops with tart red currant acidity, balanced by stone fruit sweetness and subtle spice. This is Huck’s last Kenya from the 2020/21 harvest, so let’s savor it this winter! 
Njuriga is a relatively new and small cooperative in Nyeri County, but in just a few years it’s grown in leaps and bounds. Last year we featured some Njuriga in Phantom Limb, but this year it’s shining on its own.
In Kenya it’s typical for one larger cooperative, called a Farmers Cooperative Society (FCS), to have multiple washing stations, known as factories in Kenya. Othaya FCS, for example, is made up of 17 factories and thousands of farmers. Njuriga, however, is a single factory with just 160 member farmers, and this is only the group’s 3rd harvest as a cooperative.
When coffee nerds talk Kenya, there’s one tasting note that comes up over and over again: currant. That note is front and center here, with mouthwatering red currant-like acidity with a bit of citrus thrown in for good measure. That brightness is balanced out by a touch of spice, nectarine-like fruitiness, and brown sugar-like sweetness. Kenya fans in particular, and bright coffee lovers in general, this is the last ride on Huck’s Kenya train until new arrivals in summer.
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Njuriga Factory photos courtesy Phyllis Nganga, Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters.

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