Kenya Mungaria Peaberry

Kenya is back in the Huck lineup, and we're kicking things off with this juicy and complex peaberry separation from the Mungaria Factory and Aguthi Cooperative in Nyeri!

Aguthi Farmers Cooperative Society is a union of cooperatives in Kenya's famed Nyeri county, and Mungaria is one of the factories that make up the larger group. In Kenya coffee-speak, a factory is a local cooperative based around a single washing station, and these factories typically organize themselves into larger farmers cooperative societies (FCS) for export efficiencies, farmer trainings, financing, etc. All in all, 219 farmers deliver their coffee to Mungaria, where it is washed in the traditional Kenyan style, and dried slowly on raised beds. 

Even though this is Huck’s first year roasting coffee from Aguthi Society and Mungaria factory, both are part of the larger Kenyan Cooperative Coffee Exporters (KCCE) network. The Kenyan coffee industry tends to be dominated by a few foreign-owned businesses, and KCCE is a collective of cooperative societies that market and export their coffee together, to keep a bit more of the benefits within Kenya. We enjoy working with KCCE, and the coffee is dependably delicious. We’ve typically focused on Othaya FCS in the past, and we’ll have a banger coffee from Othaya later in the year, too, but this year when KCCE sent samples, Mungaria Peaberry was simply impossible to ignore.

One of things that’s special about Kenyan coffee is size separation. Coffee mills separate their coffee by size, dividing coffees into the largest AA selections, then AB, PB (peaberry), and a few grades that we typically don’t see in specialty coffee. Some folks claim that AA is better, or that peaberries - the coffee cherries that happen to produce just one seed rather than two - are always the top. We’re not big believers that one screen size is automatically better (ABs often outperform the sexy grades), but the different grades do have different flavors, and they roast a bit differently. This year the peaberries from Mungaria topped the AA and AB.

This coffee is hella juicy, hella sweet, and deliciously complex, like all our favorite Kenyas. We're tasting tangy raspberry, subtly-spiced molasses, and currant jam, with a bit of citrus to add to the party. This is a small lot that we won’t have for too long, but while we do, we’re gonna be brewing this as often as we can!

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📸: Mungaria Factory, courtesy Samuel Njeru, Kenya Cooperative Coffee Exporters

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