Kenya Gichuki


Kenyan coffees are always among our favorites - bright, complex, and uniquely dynamic - and we're stoked to have Rachel and Stephen Gichuki's coffee back in the quiver. 

Rachel and Stephen Gichuki live and farm in Nyeri County, and we first visited and roasted their coffee in 2019. Their coffee was a standout for us two years ago, and after some processing and storage challenges last year, we're glad to showcase the goods again.  This year's coffee is juicy, sweet, and fruity, with notes of orange and ruby red grapefruit, fig, apricot, and molasses. 

When we first met the Gichukis, we saw not only great coffee, but also a great opportunity for a longterm partnership. Rachel Gichuki, who divides her time between farming and teaching middle school geography up the road, hosted us for a few hours, explaining her challenges, her commitment to environmental sustainability, and her commitment to quality. 

One of the challenges the Gichukis and many other Kenyan farmers face is theft. Coffee is a great way to make quick cash, and so theft of already-processed coffee is rampant. Two harvests ago thieves broke into the Gichuki family’s storage room and made off with almost half of the harvest. And last year, the Gichukis tried to avoid theft by moving coffee from the drying tables to locked storage every night, which led to some strange drying and off flavors in the coffee. We still bought their coffee, but it wasn't quite single origin quality. 

This year, with new solutions to storage and farm security in place, the Gichukis seem to be back on track. We're excited to continue working with them, and are thoroughly enjoying this harvest from their farm. Good people, and juicy, bright, and complex coffee for us to enjoy here in Colorado!

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