Kenya Gatugi


There’s nothing like a great Kenyan coffee - intense brightness and fruit, juicy mouthfeel, and big sweetness in a combination that’s pretty much impossible to find anywhere else. Gatugi - our second Kenya of the 2022 harvest, is exactly what we’re looking for from this unique origin.

What makes Kenyan coffee so special? As is the case everywhere, altitude, soil, good picking and good farming practices all contribute to the best coffees. But Kenya also has variety and processing to set it apart. The Kenyan government worked with Scott Labs in the mid-20th century to select (NOT genetically-modify) varieties that are particularly well-suited to drought conditions and capable of producing high cup quality. The two best-known, SL28 and SL34 are particularly known for their high end brightness and red berry or currant flavors. Traditional Kenyan processing, which adds a fresh water soak between washing and drying, further pushes the complexity and intensity.

Gatugi is one of 17 factories (Kenya-speak for washing station) in the larger Othaya Farmers Cooperative Society, and while this is our first time roasting Gatugi, we look to the Othaya Cooperative for at least one banger coffee each year. We’re lucky to taste lots from throughout the cooperative, and this year, Gatugi was the standout.

Additionally, all of our Kenyan coffees come to us through the  Kenyan Cooperative Coffee Exporters (KCCE) network. The Kenyan coffee industry tends to be dominated by a few foreign-owned businesses, and KCCE is a collective of cooperative societies that market and export their coffee together, to keep a bit more of the benefits within Kenya. We enjoy working with KCCE, and we can count on some amazing coffee each year.

Admittedly, Kenyan coffee can be a bit polarizing, especially if you’re adding milk or alt milk into the equation. The intense acidity of the coffee doesn’t pair well with the milk for all taste buds, and while combo might work great for you, our usual recommendations for cream tend to come from Latin America. We’re not saying don’t try it, just that it’s not the safest path. But if you drink that coffee straight and want to get those taste buds watering, Kenya Gatugi FTW.

We’re tasting brown sugar, sweet-tart goji berry, and ruby red grapefruit. It’s our second and final Kenya for this season, and it’s big, bright, juicy, and complex.


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Gatugi photos courtesy Samuel Njeru, Kenyan Cooperative Coffee Exporters.

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