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HUCK Instant - Phantom Limb

Holy cow, everyone. We really went all-in for our new instant coffee line. Colorado is so intertwined with life outdoors, and we wanted to be a bigger part of that world. We partnered with Swift Cup again, and they delivered yet another tasty batch of instant coffee for our customers on the go, whether that be into the woods or onto a plane. Good coffee is no longer relegated to the coffee shop or your home set-up.

Phantom Limb Blend is not only a staple at Huck, but it is an award winning coffee. We are so proud to have this Good Food Awards Winner on the menu year round, and now, we have it ready to brew anywhere anytime. Delve into an award winning cup of juicy, fruity perfection on a plane, in the forest or on a long cross-country car trip. 

Mix a packet/sachet with 10-12oz HOT/COLD water, HOT/COLD milk, hot cocoa or anything else you like! Whiskey? Totally approved! 

The packaging on these babies is fully compostable, but please, be responsible and pack it in, pack it out. 

Enjoy Hucksters!

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