Honduras Sergio Enamorado


Sergio Enamorado is back at Huck, and this year we’ll have two coffees from his farms. This lot - the more adventurous of the two - comes from Sergio’s original farm, Finca Las Robles. La Plantilla, from a new plot Sergio bought this past year, will be a bit more traditional, but this lot from the Las Robles is the bomb. 

Over the past few years, Sergio has been experimenting with his processing techniques, adding some carefully-controlled in-cherry fermentation before depulping and washing his coffee, and it’s pulled some delicious, tangy fruit into the cup now that he has that process dialed. It's a more controlled version of a technique used by some farmers we buy from in Huila, Colombia, and there's a certain similarity in that tangy complexity.

Sergio’s coffees have always been sweet - we’re still tasting the brown sugar and hazelnut we loved last year. But the pre-wash in-cherry fermentation adds some delicious, bright fruit - we get lime zest and tamarind in our mugs. If tamarind’s an obscure reference, next time you're at your Latin American grocery store or getting tacos, Tamarindo is the best Jarritos soda flavor. Potentially-obscure flavor calls aside, the coffee is just super tasty.

This past November, Honduras was hit hard by Hurricanes Eta and Iota. While Sergio’s original farm was mostly spared, a large part of his new farm, La Plantilla, was wiped out by flooding and wind damage. So this year we’re sending Sergio an additional $1 for every pound of his coffee we sell, from both farms. We’ve already sent an advance payment, and are planning to send the rest once we finish roasting his coffee.

Together, let’s drink some tasty coffee, and help Sergio recover from 2020’s hurricanes. Keep your eyes peeled for a more straightforward coffee called La Plantilla, but if you want a bit of adventure in your brew, snag a bit of this coffee.


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Pictured: Sergio delivering coffee to Beneficio San Vicente, courtesy Benjamin Paz.

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