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Honduras Sergio Enamorado


Sergio Enamorado is back at Huck, and while his coffee’s been good every year we’ve roasted it, there’s no doubt that Sergio has seriously stepped up his quality for the last two harvests.

Two winters back, we had the pleasure of visiting Sergio, and beyond strengthening what had been a WhatsApp texting friendship, it was great to see just how dedicated he and his family are to quality. Sergio's son, Sergio Jr., is just as passionate and almost as knowledgeable as his dad, and the extended Enamorado family works together to make all of their coffees better. 

Most of the extended family - grandfather Pedro Moreno, father Encarnación Enamorado, cousin Evin Moreno - live and farm in the village of El Cedral on Santa Barbara mountain. Each family member processes their coffee separately, but they all share the same processing compound and equipment, including a depulper, washing tanks, and parabolic drying beds. Pedro and Encarnación oversee drying and a small nursery for the extended family, and when it comes time to harvest one family member's farm or another, Sergio's able to lean on Evin for help, and vice versa.

There's plenty to love in this coffee, whether you flock to the fruity and bright or prefer more traditional Latin American flavors that pair well with milk. This year’s harvest has plenty of caramel-like sweetness with just a touch of spice, but Sergio has fine-tuned his processing techniques, and that helps his coffee dip its toes into more adventurous waters. Like many producers, Sergio has started to intentionally hold his coffee in-cherry between picking and depulping, and over the years he’s fine-tuned this method to bring out some delicious fruity acidity that reminds us of pomegranate, tamarind candy, and green apple.


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Pictured: Sergio + Ru Anai Enamorado; Sergio Jr., Ru Anai, and Sergio Sr.; Encarnación Enamorado (Sergio's dad)

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