Guatemala Monte de Oro


For our fourth year working with Mario Alarcón and Finca Monte de Oro, we decided to kick things up a notch.

The past three years, we’ve roasted Mario’s black honey-processed caturra, and called it Miel de Oro (miel is Spanish for honey, get it?). But when we visited the farm in early 2020, before coronavirus effectively halted origin travel, we tasted all of Mario’s coffees and were inspired to try something unique.

This year we’re calling Mario’s coffee by the farm name, and it’s actually a single origin blend. We’re mixing Mario’s creamy and sweet black honey with his jammy and berry-forward natural to create a blend that we think is the best of both worlds. Big body, big sweetness, and fruit that’s plenty present, but not quite as overpowering as it can be in a full natural.

A big shoutout to Mario for not only encouraging us to experiment with his coffees at the roastery, but also for experimenting and sharing knowledge with us on his farm. Mario and his team at Monte de Oro sweat all the details when it comes to picking, fermenting, and drying his coffee, and they’ve been happy to share the details with us. We in turn have shared some of that knowledge with other partners like AProCafé, so Mario’s coffee isn’t just excellent, but it helps create a rising tide for all the coffee we buy and roast from Guatemala. 

So 2020 Monte de Oro is a bit different than years past, but we think it’s the best, and most interesting yet. We’re tasting grape jam, honey, chocolate, and blueberry muffins in this two process blend. We’ve enjoyed the chance to experiment a bit with Mario and with single origin blending at the roastery, and are certainly enjoying the coffee in our mugs.

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