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Guatemala Monte de Oro


Monte de Oro is back with the sweetness, adding a punch of natural-process fruitiness to our Central American coffees.

Finca Monte de Oro is Huck's other Guatemala sourcing relationship, and while we do put a lot of focus on the AProCafé Association, there's no shortage of other great coffee in the country. We started sourcing coffee from Mario 7 years ago after being introduced by a mutual friend, and from day one his innovative approach to processing has set his coffees apart.

Mario has traditionally produced both honey-processed and natural coffees, and until two years ago, we had always roasted either the honey process or a blend of natural and honey together. Over the past couple years though, due to some weird climatic variances towards the end of the 2022 harvest period,and the fact that honeys are just very labor-intensive, the farm  has decided to focus its efforts on the full natural process. The coffee’s delicious, and we’re on board. 

A big shoutout to Mario for experimenting and sharing knowledge with us on his farm. Mario and his team at Monte de Oro sweat all the details when it comes to picking, fermenting, and drying his coffee, and they’ve been happy to share the details with us. We in turn have shared some of that knowledge with other partners like AProCafé, so Mario’s coffee isn’t just excellent, but it helps create a rising tide for all the coffee we buy and roast from Guatemala. 

2023 Monte de Oro is big, sweet, fruity, and balanced, all at the same time. We’re tasting jammy red grape, citrus, and chocolate cake in this year's crop, and are stoked to have the goods from Mario back at our roastery


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Pictured: Leonel Montufar, Mario Alarcon, Freddy Alquijay, and Otto Montufar; Diana Alarcon

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