Guatemala Doña Lucinda


For the 2022 harvest, our Aprocafé microlot program has come full circle, and it tastes great.

We've been working with the Aprocafé Association in Guatemala for years now, and back in 2015, Manuel Tzic Saso and Lucinda Puac Perez were the first two farmers Huck featured on their own. In the years since, we've roasted standout coffees from other farmers in the group, but for this most recent harvest, the OG's came out on top! We recently roasted the last of Manuel's coffee, and Lucinda follows as our final single-farm offering this season.

Lucinda and her husband Bacilio are some of our favorite farmers to visit when we make our near-annual pilgrimage to Guatemala - caring, hospitable, opinionated but open to feedback, and hilarious. All smiles, every visit, even when we're chatting about the less glamorous realities of farming. After a few years of good, but not amazing coffee, Lucinda made some subtle tweaks to her post-harvest processing, and the last 3 years have been a return to form!

There are lots of Guats in the Huck quiver right now, but we particularly love it when we have the chance to feature Lucinda. Our second and final single farm microlot from the Aprocafé Association is sweet and approachable, with notes of red apple, almond pastry, just a touch of balanced citrus, and plenty of milk chocolate sweetness. Easy drinking from Lucinda FTW.


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Pictured: Lucinda Puac Pérez and her husband, Bacilio Alescio. 

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