Guatemala Atitlán Aprocafé


Guatemala is always on our minds here at Huckleberry, and even though the coffees from the AProCafé Aprocafé Growers Association might only be on our menu for a few months each year, these coffees represent year-round work and commitment from both Huck and the growers. After months of work and a bit of waiting, we’re always stoked to drop this coffee back into the lineup.

(In prior years, we’ve called this coffee Atitlan El Grano, but since the association officially changed its name from AProCafé El Grano to AProCafé Atitlán and asked us to change our name for the coffee, too, we did.)

We've been roasting coffee from AProCafé since 2015, and it’s been a hands-on relationship since day one. Several years ago we worked with the group to develop their first single farmer microlot program, and each year, have used a portion of proceeds from our holiday Sister Winter blend to help the group with a variety of projects. 

AProCafé has used Sister Winter funds to purchase and apply organic-approved leaf rust prevention treatments, to build raised drying beds to improve coffee processing, and buy Brix meters to help in harvesting coffee cherries at their optimal ripeness. Two years ago, Sister Winter funds helped the group with a few final pieces of equipment at a new mini wet mill, close to the group’s more remote growers, and this year, much of this coffee was processed at the new station.

We’ll also have a few special single farm and single variety microlots from the group, the main lots from AProCafé are equally special. We're tasting dark chocolate, red plum, green apple, and nougat in this year's crop - dependably sweet and delicious!


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