Ethiopia Mulu Jego Natural


This one’s big, fruit-forward and juicy! Mulu Jego is a new farmer to the Huck lineup, and she produced our second Ethiopian natural of the 2021 harvest. We’re sipping on jammy berries, fruit punch, and brown sugar sweetness, and are stoked for this coffee to stand alongside Aramo washed, our other delicious coffee from the Yirgacheffe Cooperative Union.

As a basic run-down, natural-processed coffees are coffee seeds that are dried inside the cherry, whereas washed coffees have that fruit removed before drying. Naturals can be difficult to do well, but when they’re good, they’re more intensely fruity than their washed counterparts, with berry flavors front and center. And Mulu’s natural is very, very good.

Most of the names of our Ethiopian coffees refer to a cooperative or washing station that collects coffee from hundreds - if not thousands - of producers. Since Ethiopian coffee is usually grown on small family plots, it has rarely made financial sense to export single families' coffee.  

Mulu Jego, however, is a single farmer, and she is one of the key producers in the Worka Cooperative.  Worka, like Aramo, is one of the 22 cooperatives that make up the larger Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, a longstanding leader in organic farming in the Yirgacheffe region.. 

Over the last few years, the YCFCU has undertaken the hard work to identify individual farmers whose coffees shine above the YCFCU's already incredibly high standards. These model farmers not only receive better pricing for their lots, but are given the responsibility of acting as mentors for other YCFCU farmers, with the goal of increasing quality and coffee prices for the entire group. Of the thousands of farmers in YCFCU, only a few dozen get singled out for the model farmer program, and we’re always excited to showcase these individual farmers.

We haven’t had the chance to meet Mulu yet (thanks, pandemic), but this year her coffee was far and away our favorite natural from the cooperative union. We’re hoping to visit in early 2022, but until then, we’re perfectly happy to roast up this jammy goodness!


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