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Ethiopia Hambella Natural


Hambella picks up the fruit where Chelbesa Natural left off. Our second Ethiopian natural of the 2019 harvest is fruit-forward, creamy, and delicious.

Coffee is the seed of a fruit, and most of the coffee we roast and drink is washed - that is, the fruit is removed from the seed before drying.  For this lot from Hambella Washing Station and other natural-process coffees, the coffee is dried with the fruit still intact, and the dried cherry is removed during milling.  This process imparts a uniquely fruity, jammy quality to the coffee, though improper and uneven drying carries a distinct risk of off, funky flavors and early fading. The best naturals, though, taste like a blend of coffee and fruit punch.

370 smallholders in the woreda (village) of Hambella pick their ripe coffee cherry and deliver it to the Hambella Washing Station, where it is sorted for ripeness, laid out on raised beds, and further sorted over the course of several weeks’ drying time. We tasted dozens of naturals from throughout Ethiopia this year to follow up to Chelbesa, and this lot from the Guji Zonewas a standout for its sweet fruit and creamy body.

Hambella should be an easy choice for all you fruit-forward coffee lovers out there. We’re tasting ripe strawberry, blueberry, mango, and a sweet cream in our mugs.

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