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Ethiopia Gure Kesso


Fresh Crop Ethiopia season is here, and we're kicking things off with a brand new coffee, Gure Kesso!

When we think of Ethiopian coffee, the two most famous regions are Harrar - known for it's blueberry-forward, if slightly-inconsistent naturals - and the South - floral coffees from Yirgacheffe, Sidama, and Guji. Over the past decade + though, the western coffeelands have been catching up in a big way. Starting with massive infrastructure investments from Technoserve in the mid-2010s, the Agaro and Gera microregions have become powerhouses in their own rights, and while Huck's Ethiopia-lineup remains South-heavy, we tend to feature at least one great coffee from the West each season.

Telila Washing Station is one of the newer players in the Gera region, started just 5 years ago by Mike Mamo and run by Fikru Demissie. And while this is our first time roasting coffee from the station, we've been eyeing and tasting these coffees for a few years now, just without the space to bring any Telila coffees to Huck... now's the time though!

Telila does a remarkable job with both traceability and singling out the absolute best coffees they can. Hundreds of smallholder farmers in the area deliver coffee cherry to the station for processing, and Telila separates out each day's delivery by village, processing them separately. This coffee comes to us from farmers in the kebele (village) of Gure Kesso, and it's one of the best washed Ethiopias we've had the chance to taste this year!

With honeydew, lime popsicle, and wildflower honey flavors and delicate complexity, Gure Kesso is a refreshing way to kick off 2024 Ethiopias and 2024 summer!


*** for roasting schedule, shipping, receiving & additional information, please visit out Frequently Asked Questions . And, for a primer on coffee processing, check out our Processing Basics Guide. *** 

Pictured: Fikru Demissie + Telila Washing Station, courtesy Osito Coffee


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