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Ethiopia Aramo

Ethiopia Aramo brings summery flavors to warm up the winter! Our third washed Ethiopia from the 2019 harvest has been the behind-the-scenes star of Phantom Limb for the last several months, but ever since we tasted the coffee and visited the Aramo cooperative this past winter, we’ve been looking forward to putting this coffee in the spotlight on its own.

The Aramo Cooperative sits in the kebele (village) of the same name, above the famous Yirgacheffe woreda. Over 2000 farmers deliver cherry to the cooperative, where the coffee is depulped, washed, dried, stored, and sorted under the watchful eye of cooperative manager Negusse Hordfa. In addition to Negusse and cooperative members attention, Aramo is one of the highest cooperatives in the region, with farms ranging from 1800-2000+ meters above sea level, and we think that altitude contributes to the amazing flavors in the cup.

Aramo is one of the 22 cooperatives that make up the Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union, a longstanding leader in organic farming and sustainable agriculture in the region. While Huck roasts coffees from both private washing stations and cooperatives, we’re always happy to support YCFCU, and incorporate their coffees into our single origin lineup or Phantom Limb whenever we can. Banko Dhadato, another YCFCU Cooperative, produced the natural that makes up the other third of Phantom Limb besides Aramo.

We’re tasting watermelon, honeysuckle and assorted florals, and sweet lime popsicle in this gem from Aramo. While cupping score doesn’t determine if a coffee is right for you, this is the highest scoring coffee we purchased from Ethiopia this year, and it’s one of our favorites. As soon as we tasted this harvest and visited Aramo Cooperative back in January of 2019, we knew this coffee was special.

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