East Timor Letefoho


This is Huck's third year roasting coffee from farmers in East Timor's Letefoho district, and this year’s crop delivers big sweetness and approachable flavors.

Coffees from the Pacific islands can be big, bold, and in better cases, a good kind of earthy. But the wet hulled process that’s common in the region - in which the coffee’s protective parchment layer is removed before drying - lends itself to premature fade and vegetal, funky flavors. So, we specifically seek out washed coffees from the islands, dried in their parchment to preserve the goodness and keep out the funk. The tiny country of East Timor has been on the comeup the past few years, in large part by focusing on fully washed coffees.

Cafe Brisa Serena is a social enterprise that works with farmers in East Timor's Letefoho district to improve growing and processing practices, obtain organic certification, and access the specialty market. This particular coffee comes from organic-certified family farms in the tiny village of Lacau, and is all washed on-farm, rather than at a centralized mill.

If you like your coffees big and approachable, this is the ticket. It’s not a dark roast, but we do develop this coffee just a touch further than most of our single origins to accentuate its body and chocolate flavors. Beyond the big body and chocolate, raisin, walnut and pastry sweetness round out the cup. Letefoho is nuanced, but at the same time traditional, approachable, and pleasing with (cow or alternate) milk or on its own.

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