Ethiopia Worka Chelbesa


Huck’s first washed Ethiopian coffee of the 2020/21 harvest is clean, bright, and refreshing for the summer heat. This is our third year roasting coffee from the village of Worka Chelbesa (and the washing station of the same name), and this year's washed coffee pops. We’re tasting pink lemonade, hibiscus, and melon candy in a bright, delicate, and complex cup. 

We’ve been pretty impressed with SNAP Specialty Coffees over the last few years. They’ve exported and dry milled some of our favorite coffees from the Guji Zone, but also own a few washing stations throughout Ethiopia. Worka Chelbesa is one of those stations, and we've quickly learned to look forward to this coffee year-after-year.  

One of the things we love about the entire SNAP network is that they specialize in traceable, smaller lots - breaking the harvest into shorter periods and keeping each period separate. This helps ensure that what we taste when we first approve the coffees truly represents what we’ll roast for you, and that each bag will be consistent with the last. Also, the crew at SNAP is legitimately interested in how their coffees perform here in the US - quick to answer any questions we have, and quick to ask how the coffees are tasting. Boring details, maybe, but as we get a bit more involved in our sourcing and digging into where our coffees come from, these are the things we’re looking for to get y’all that tasty coffee.

In this case, the village (kebele) of Worka Chelbesa is one of the highest towns in the woreda (more or less county) of Gedeb, in the larger Yirgacheffe zone. 680 farmers deliver coffee cherry to the Worka Chelbesa washing station, where the coffee is washed, dried, and sorted to the most exacting detail. We'll roast a natural from the same station soon, too, so you can try two coffees from the same place side-by-side, but first up, washed Worka Chelbesa slaps. Heady florals, bright citrus, clean and sweet fruit candy that'll make your taste buds water - especially as a filter brew or hot-over-ice iced coffee.

For questions about roast and ship details, please visit our FAQ page!

*washing station photos courtesy Abenezer Asfaw of SNAP.

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