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COTM: Ethiopia Chelbesa Natural


We're launching two coffees from Chelbesa at the same time, so we figured we ought to make both of them co-coffees of the month for August!

Natural Ethiopia is back in the Huck lineup, and we’re kicking things off with this fruitbomb from the Chelbesa washing station in Gedeb.  Sweet, juicy berry flavors are the main attraction here, and they’re complemented by some delicious kiwi and chocolate. We’ve been roasting Chelbesa Natural for Phantom Limb for a few weeks now, but tweaked the profile a bit to shine on its own. Plus, we’re roasting a washed coffee from the same washing station, so you can geek out and try two different coffees from the same place, side by side.

SNAP Specialty Coffees has impressed us quite a bit over the last few years. They’ve exported and dry milled some of our favorite coffees from the Guji Zone (including this year’s Abdi Jebril), but also own a few washing stations throughout Ethiopia. Chelbesa is one of those stations, and the coffees have exceeded expectations. To be fully honest, we bought both washed and natural Chelbesa coffees to use in Phantom Limb, but they were too good to not showcase on their own.

468 farmers in Worka Chelbesa deliver coffee cherry to the Chelbesa washing station, where it is sorted and slowly dried on raised beds. One of the things we love about the entire SNAP network is that they specialize in traceable, smaller lots - breaking the harvest into shorter periods and keeping each period separate. This helps ensure that what we taste when we first approve the coffees truly represents what we’ll roast for you, and that each bag will be consistent with the last. Boring details, maybe, but as we get a bit more involved in our sourcing and digging into where our coffees come from, these are the things we’re looking for to build solid partnerships and get y’all that tasty coffee.

Berries, kiwi, and chocolate, with a touch of florality to mix things up. This one’s for all you fruity coffee lovers out there - we hope you enjoy this one as much as we do.


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*washing station photos courtesy Abenezer Asfaw of SNAP.

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