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Colombia Segundo Grijalba


Segundo Grijalba is a farmer in Nariño, Colombia, and this tiny experimental lot from his farm is exclusive to Huckleberry’s cafes and website. You gotta get it straight from us in Denver, whether you’re dropping in to the cafe or letting our roastery crew ship it to you.

We were connected to this coffee by a longterm friend of Huckleberry - Herbert Peñaloza Correa. Herbert is a coffee farmer based in Tolima first, a coffee roaster second, and recently, a founding member of La Real Expedición Botánica, collective of coffee farmers exporting their own coffee.

La Real Expedición Botánica encourages not only traditional coffee processing, but also experimental techniques to achieve different flavor profiles. Some of these experiments have been a bit too interesting for us - like Zappa deep cuts when we actually wanted to listen to Otis Redding. But in the case of this lot from Segundo Grijalba, the coffee jumped out to us - not just interesting, but interesting and delicious.

In most cases, Colombian coffee is picked ripe, depulped immediately, then dry-fermented for 12-24 hours before washing. In this case, however, Segundo took a novel approach to pushing the fruitiness in his coffee. He picked his coffee at a point many farmers would consider overripe, allowed the coffee to rest in-cherry for 24 hours before depulping, then extended the dry fermentation period to 48 hours before washing. Extended fermentation coffees are risky, often bringing a bit more funk than we’d like in our cups, but when done well, the results can be super tasty and unique.

We’re tasting honey, cantaloupe melon, tangy tamarind, and almond in this experimental lot from Segundo Grijalba. Again, there’s only a tiny amount of this coffee, and it’s exclusive to Huck’s cafes and website, so hop on it while you can!


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