Colombia El Desarollo


El Desarollo is back - one of our favorite coffees for the last 6 years. While we called this coffee Matambo for a few years, it's always come from the El Desarollo Growers Association, and this group of farmers has produced a coffee that's deeply sweet and subtly complex, year-after-year!

The best Colombias - and particularly the best Huilas - pull off a balance between approachability and exciting flavors that few other origins can match. This latest crop is a perfect example of that balance, popping with red berry and green apple fruitiness, but rounding out the pop with dark honey and buttery pie crust sweetness.

This past December our head roaster, Shelby, visited El Desarollo with Caravela, one of our favorite sourcing partners in Latin America. This was Huck's second visit to Gigante de Huila, and we're continually impressed with the coffees, and the people behind the coffees. Plus, this year we're also gonna have something special from one of the growers within the El Desarollo association, Dario Rodriguez. So keep your eyes peeled for a limited release in the lineup this summer!

Dario's coffee's gonna be dope, but so is El Desarollo in its own right. We think it has something for everyone.  Plenty of traditional coffee flavors and sweetness for those who prefer a more approachable or milk-friendly mug, but also packing juicy, fruity flavors and high-end brightness to please folks who prefer more adventurous coffees. Year 6 of this gem from Gigante, and we’re looking forward to brewing it for the next few months!


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Pictured: The Cuadrado family, Jair Polania, Dario Rodriguez, Uilmar Andres Garcia

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