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Colombia Dario Rodriguez



Dario Rodriguez is back in the Huck lineup, and while his Pink Bourbon variety is an extra-special treat, for year two, we’re also roasting up some of his more “normal” coffee and slinging it in slightly less-fancy packaging. Hard air quotes around that “normal” though, because Dario’s other coffee is also delicious!

We’ve been buying coffee from the Gigante region for years now, and last year, our head roaster Shelby was lucky enough to be introduced to Dario Rodriguez and his pink bourbon variety for special release. No shade on any of the coffees we have purchased in the past, but for this year we went all-in on Dario, and are roasting up not just his extra-special pink stuff, but also his very tasty, “normal” Colombia F6 variety coffee. It’s a touch less in-your-face, but still bright, sweet, and super enjoyable. 

In a world where mono-cropping has taken over much of the Colombian mountainsides, Dario aims to create an old-world farm with organic and sustainable practices. While his main source of income is his coffee, Dario has only planted 11 of his 16 hectares with coffee trees. Why, you ask? Because Dario knows that the key to long-term success is biodiversity. Mono-cropping (planting only one type of crop in an area) can easily destroy a delicate ecosystem, cause major erosion and kill the nutrient rich soil.

From macro to micro, Dario has his operation molded into a symbiotic ecosystem. The ash from his stove and the scraps from his kitchen go into his compost. His chickens eat the fallen, overripe cherries off of the ground to control the insects, and they, in turn, fertilize the soil. The shade crops he planted exist to draw the right kind of wildlife, enticing the indigenous species back to the land, creating the bustling environment needed for truly phenomenal coffee. Not much happens by accident on Dario's farm, and that intention is something that we can all taste in the cup.

Dario’s Colombia variety combines bright fruit with more traditional and expected Latin American sweetness. We’re tasting brown sugar, nectarine, orange zest, and hazelnut here, and this one’s coming in a full 12 oz bag. You know what we’d brew if we had 58 bucks (to spend on Huck coffee)? Two Darios, at the same time.

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