Congo Mapendo


Last year, Mapendo was our first coffee from the Democratic Republic of Congo in over five years, and it's back for round two with a combination of spicy sweetness and dried fruit flavors. It’s a great coffee for warming up in the winter, but with a balanced dose of the brightness we love in washed African coffees.

The Democratic Republic of Congo is notorious for being one of the world’s most resource-rich, but poverty-stricken and politically-turbulent countries in the world, and Mighty Peace Coffee is a new venture of passionate coffee folks in DRC and the United States who aim to use coffee as a small engine for progress in Congo's coffeelands. Mighty Peace is a woman- and minority-owned social enterprise, and their team in DRC is headed by Linda Mugaruka, an agronomist and Congo’s first Q-Grader, dedicated to elevating coffee quality and coffee prices for farmers in Congo.

Mapendo is a quality-focused subgroup of the larger Muungano Cooperative, organized in conjunction with Linda and the team at Mighty Peace. Mighty Peace works with the Mapendo group to improve yields, improve quality, and connect the group to roasters who will pay better prices for tasty coffee. This year, the Mapendo group separated out coffee from farms higher than 1700 meters above sea level, which further boosts the tastiness.

This harvest from Mapendo, combined with some careful roasting by the team at Huck, has some serious cozy-up-by-the-fireplace vibes. It’s bright, like our favorite washed African coffees, but that orange-like acidity is a bit mellower, and the subtle citrus is mellowed out with notes of sweet dried fruit and spicy-sweet molasses.

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Pictured: Linda Mugaraka with some of the farmers in the Mighty Peace network, courtesy Might Peace Coffee.

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