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Roaster's Choice - Adventurous


We know your type. We love you and want to be you! You like taking motorcycle trips with nothing more than a rolled blanket to sleep on. Mom & Dad's well-intended advice about your future goes in one ear, and right out the other. Why should your coffee be anything other than very tasty, exciting and adventurous?  

What to expect: The coffee that lands on your doorstep will be light to medium-light in color. The beans will come from a single origin and carefully roasted to highlight complex, unique flavors from that country, region and farm. Prepare to taste the exciting possibilities that coffee can hold as these coffees will often be on the brighter, fruit-forward side of the spectrum. They will be best suited for black coffee, but can make for an eye-opening espresso experience. Don't limit yourself, push the boundaries of tasty coffee! 

Subscribers: We'll change these coffees on the first of every month! So if you've ordered a biweekly subscription, your coffees will change every other shipment. If you've ordered a monthly subscription, you'll have a new coffee every four weeks.

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